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Your real estate in foreign countries

Ophaniel® Immobilien is your modern, customer-friendly service company which is all about real estate in foreign countries. With us, you can purchase and sell real estate in other countries quickly, simply, transparently and without problems. Our multilingual team assists you in looking for the appropriate item, and in carrying out the purchase without problems. Moreover, we assist you in selling your real estate on the international market.

Real estate in foreign countries: a good investment at the right time

The statistical information speaks for itself: unlike Germany, where the economic situation is quite good and the real estate market is booming, other countries currently experience a stagnation. That results in sinking prices and high availability, with extraordinary possibilities to find nice real estate for affordable prices. Right now, you can get the best deals.

The right contact: Ophaniel Immobilien

However, to benefit the most from this situation, you require serious and professional partners, who know the situation both in your and in the other country and who know the language of the people there. Since real estate transactions usually involve considerable amounts of money, you should be very careful with this type of deals. Using the services of a professional is your best protection from unpleasant surprises.

Whether you are looking for a vacation home or house, an investment item, commercial areas, or the possibility to carry out very large and ambitious development projects, we are the correct contact, due to our experience of many years. Our company HQ is in Germany, we are subject to German laws for real estate companies, and for your protection, we are insured with a major German provider.

A diverse range of offers

Our range of offers currently includes items in many regions in Italy and in the Dominican Republic. Here, you will surely find interesting property for your vacations under the Sun or for profitable investments. We also have items which were not (yet) included in our database, and we have constant contacts with partners in many countries, such as Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Thus, our list gets longer all the time, and we are able to fulfil your wishes for real estate in a very targeted way. Therefore we recommend that you periodically look at our website, where you will now and then find new items.

Here you will find a short overview of our services.

We will gladly discuss your request, and we will advise you professionally, reliably, and without obligations. Simply contact us conveniently via email or phone call. You can also take a look at our FAQ, request us to call you back, and browse our database.

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